Photography teacher for over 25 years. I work in the School of Media in the Technological University Dublin, in Ireland.
Education researcher, commercial photographer, designer for web sites and books (once upon a time), sustainability and usability occupy my mind, and I’m really good in the domestic environment, from wiring to laundry. You should try my barbeque ribs or fried chicken.

I post on Instagram everyday since I basically look at the world through a lens.

I have a lot to say about material production and waste disposal so I’ve started putting all those pictures on Instagram as _greener_than_you.

This year we created a website exhibition for photography by all our students at TUDublinPhotography.ie, and I manage the IG posts for our course at TUDublin_Photography

On Youtube I have instructional videos for basic Photoshop and How to Make a Photobook using InDesign. And my friends tell me I take an inordinate amount of pictures of my feet.


I have my mouth open in most pictures.